aka.wiiremote object & the expansion foibles

Jan 31, 2008 at 7:19pm

aka.wiiremote object & the expansion foibles

calling wiimote users

this external is simply great
however, it is a challenge (to me anyway) to get either the nunchuk or the classical controller to be ‘seen’ first time
basically i have a ritual involving disconnects, power downs and it takes at least three attempts – after that, all is well and i can swap the nunchuk for the classic-controller and it works fine.

So – here’s the question

Does anyone know how to coax the object to find the nunchuk first time – any tips ? If you experience is that the nunchuk connects effortlessly i’d love to know too!


Feb 1, 2008 at 9:31pm


connect remote without an expansion option (ie nunchuk or classic controller)

once connected: attach(or re-attach) either expansion option and fire off an ‘expansion 0′ followed by ‘expansion 1′ to the object

bingo !

thereafter the expansion options can be swapped and either will be live

seems pretty robust now – works every time – that’ll do me

btw doing the same in an ‘automated’ patcher without the
hardware disconnect was hooking-up on avg 1 in 4 …
thus the original enquiry


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