[ann] CreativePact (September 2010)

Aug 29, 2010 at 8:22pm

[ann] CreativePact (September 2010)

announcing CreativePact 2010

shorter version

#creativepact = create something each day in September and document it online, adding a link to your stuff to the CreativePact hub via http://www.creativepact.co.uk

slightly longer version

The CreativePact hub exists as an umbrella to bring together artists, musicians and technologists taking a pact to create and document some new creative output daily over the course of a month.

CreativePact, inspired by Toplap's Hackpact of last September ( http://www.toplap.org/index.php/Hackpact ), is this year hosted by the inclusive improv wiki at http://www.inclusiveimprov.co.uk/creativepact-2010


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