basic point compiling for windows

Jan 7, 2013 at 8:25am

basic point compiling for windows

My c/c++ skills are vanishingly small, but I figure I should be able to hack my way through to compiling someone else’s max source onto windows. If I persist.

I’m using MS Visual C++ Express 2010 and Max5 SDK. The basic obstacle I’d like to overcome is building the solution to include jit.common.h
What I’ve done so far is use the lores~ example as a template for the vcproj file, change the names and copy the section for msp-includes and change msp-includes for jit-includes.

VCC wants to convert the project to the latest version, which works fine, but the first problem on build is that it can’t find jit.common.h – I’m sure the solution is simple, but it’s beyond me. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Purely for information, the objects I’m trying to compile are for madronalabs DIY project here:


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