Compiling externals on Windows using Eclipse

Feb 20, 2006 at 9:49pm

Compiling externals on Windows using Eclipse


I’m currently going through the technical note by f.e. on how to
build externals on Windows using Eclipse. I’ve gotten to the point at
p. 6 where Eclipse try to build the empty C/C++ project, and I get
the proper message in the console, with “Nothing to build for project

Unfortunately I do not get an Includes folder. Apparently something
bad happened, and I will have to uninstall the CTD plugin and Cygwin
tools, and redo the installation.

My simple and stupid question is: How do I do that?


Mar 1, 2006 at 7:50am

Hello Trond,

first, uninstall the CDT plugin :

1. Remove the CDT plugins
* Navigate to the directory where the CDT plugins are
installed (typically eclipse/plugins)
* Remove the following plugins:
o org.eclipse.cdt.*
2. Remove the CDT metadata
* Navigate to the workspace/.metadata/.plugins directory
* Remove the following directories (if they exist):
o org.eclipse.cdt.*

Then, uninstall Eclipse :

/”Simply delete the “eclipse” directory structure where you unzipped
eclipse. Eclipse does not modify the registry so simply removing the
files will fully uninstall it.
WARNING ! Copy your workspace folder somewhere to keep your work before
erasing !!!”/

The tricky part, uninstalling cygwin :

DON’T FORGET TO CLEAN THE REGISTRY. They say you *may* do it, but, with
experience, i say you *must* do it.

I had your problem a lot of times before. Make sure you’re installing
things in the right order next time.
By the way, i choose not to move to the last updates for now, for both
Eclipse & CDT. Not sure they’re ok together yet…




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