Creating mxj objects in Netbeans

Dec 5, 2007 at 1:25pm

Creating mxj objects in Netbeans


I’ve been wasting quite a bit of time now on something that probably EVERYONE on this forum already knows..

How do I get Netbeans to NOT tell me that “package com.cycling74.max does not exist”?

I’ve added all the source packages to my Java project, I can actually browse through all of the classes contained in com.cycling74.max but… hmmm I just really don’t get it.

I’d be very happy to receive a step by step explanation for absolute dummies on how to set up netbeans and create a java class ready to be used in max, ’cause I’m quite fed up using quickie!

Ah yes, and I’m (still) working on a windows computer.

Thanks a lot – Tarik


I’m asking this question and not RTFM-ing because of two reasons:
1. Laziness: I don’t want to do all this figuring out stuff by myself.
2. I think others will be helped by having some kind of step-by-step explanation of how to do this kind of stuff. If this stuff is easy (which it is), then why not make it easy also for beginners?


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