csound~ error messages in max window

Apr 21, 2006 at 8:43pm

csound~ error messages in max window

Maybe I?m just a stupid newbie but what does this mean?

cs> rtevent: T 4.154 TT 4.154 M:
cs> T 4.154 – note deleted. instr 1(20) undefined

the csound instrument has 5 p fields if that?s to any help knowing.

I?ve created a set of percussive instruments and a bass to play through midi and max, but for testing purposes I?ve split it up in individual parts.

Apr 22, 2006 at 11:06pm

Could you provide the orc/sco or csd files? That would greatly help
in figuring out what’s wrong. From what I know, “instr 1(20) undefined”
basically means that instr 1 doesn’t exist, or contains an error. The
20 means that your maximum instr # is 20 (i think).

If you don’t want to post your files to the list, you can email them to
me privately, and I will take a look.


Apr 25, 2006 at 6:16am


I have posted an updated csound~ to this site:


What’s changed? Well, the documenation has been re-organized and
expanded (there’s a “Troubleshooting” section now) AND two bugs
have been fixed:

-> Fixed “control” message handling of integer arguments. Previously,
messages such as “control gain 100″ were not handled correctly
because 100 is not a float (i.e. does not have a period to denote it
as a float).

-> Fixed crash when csound~ is exited before a performance has finished.

This bug did not appear consistently, but now it shouldn’t appear at all.
For me, it mostly appeared when quitting MaxMSP while csound~ was

Note to users:

You can check what version of csound~ you’re running by creating
a csound~ object and checking the Max window for something like this:

csound~ build date: 2006_04_24

If you downloaded the latest version, but the build date doesn’t match
what’s posted on the web site, then clear your browser’s cache and
download again.




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