csound~ v1.0.2 released

May 23, 2007 at 4:48pm

csound~ v1.0.2 released


csound~ v1.0.2 is now up at:


Changes from v1.0.1:

-> Fixed deadlock bug that occurs when starting/restarting a
Csound performance while [csound~] is receiving “control”

-> Added ability to use chnset opcode instead of outvalue opcode.

Declaring output channels (with the chn_k opcode) is required
for chnset to work with [csound~].

Declaring input channels is not required for chnget.

-> Writing/Reading a recording to/from a file now occurs in a
separate thread.

-> Fixed endian issues when reading recordings made on different

-> (WinXP) csound~.mxe size has increased due to static linking
of the VC8 C runtime library. This will prevent the
“error 14001″ problem that some people have experienced.

-> Changed dependance on pthreadVC2.dll to pthreadGC2.dll (which
just so happens to be distributed with Csound5). This means
you don’t have to insall pthreadVC2.dll anymore (yay).


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