Display troubles, UI less responsive

May 13, 2009 at 9:24am

Display troubles, UI less responsive


I am experiencing weird display troubles with a very simple patch : 8 bpatchers with only sfplay~ and a meter~, x 8 in a poly~; makes 64 little players.

When only one (!) short file is played back, the whole display is clumsy. The only working meter~ (because only one file is played) is updated like every 500 – 1000 ms (!) and the UI objects become less responsive. Meanwhile, the dsp and the cpu charge in the task manager doesn’t go over 20%…

The computer i use is a relatively strong workstation so i don’t think we could blame it.

Poly~ is not the problem. I made a simple debug patch with 64 bpatchers players, i’ve loaded only one file and the problem remains.

I know the DSP still computes even if you don’t play a file, and you still got 0. going to your meters, for example.

But god, this is just 64 sfplay~ and i made far bigger patches on 4.6.3 before without experiencing these troubles i have on 5.0.7…

Max 5.0.7 / Windows XP SP / dual core, 2Ghz Ram, no firewall, no anti-virus, no crapware of any kind

Yes, i’ll send the patch as soon as i can.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts


May 13, 2009 at 1:44pm

I would guess it’s probably the meter~s. As an experiment, make a copy of your patch without them, and see how responsive it is.


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