Edirol UA-101 Problems

Jun 10, 2009 at 12:26pm

Edirol UA-101 Problems

I have had problems with the UA-101 and Max/Msp on and off for a long time. Some time ago I thought i’d solved them when I updated to the new Edirol driver and the latest Max5 and they seemed to get along fine.

The problem is now:

The cpu usage with the Edirol ASIO driver in Max5 is going through the roof doing simple stuff. Originally I thought maybe my patch was just badly designed, because the driver does work, its just that it peaks at 100% when asked to do anything remotely taxing (like granular synthesis with anything but tiny grains).

Now I discovered this was definitely a problem with the ASIO driver in Max5 when I ReWired Max5 to Renoise. As soon as I did that the CPU in Max5 dropped to 5% from 100%. Renoise was also using only 5% so it’s not as though the workload was just shifted over to Renoise; I could do 10x as much work as max without the CPU maxing out and producing horrid popping noises or crashing it.

Currently I now *have* to ReWire Max5 to Renoise in order to use it at all without this problem.

Why is this happening? The Edirol UA-101 ASIO driver works perfectly with every other application I have but not Max/Msp.

Currently on Max 5.0.7, Windows XP, Edirol UA-101 Driver 1.0.3


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