efficiency questions – multiple adc~?

Aug 17, 2009 at 4:43pm

efficiency questions – multiple adc~?

Hi –
There’s recently been a discussion of the efficiency of multiple dac~ objects, here: http://bit.ly/FHIS1
Someone said that it doesn’t matter how many dac~ objects you use, because it all gets compiled down…

Question 1: is this the same with multiple adc~s? I’ve dropped in an adc~ object just above wherever i need one, (e.g. above a record object) and now i’m worried that it’s inefficient. Is it more efficient to have one adc~ with send~s and receive~s? Or is an adc~ object already the equivalent of a receive~ from something central behind the scenes?

Question 2: is it the same for midi inputs becoming max events? is it more efficient to have one midi’in object sending and receiving around your patch, or several midi’ins dotted around? same thinking – is each midi’in really its own midi-event-watcher, or is there some kind of a central one in max that all midi’in objects share?

NB i’m talking about send/receive here & not patch cords, because I have several patches using the same main audio and midi i/o patch, not all of which are open all the time.

hope you can help – i have a performance in a week and i need to make my (big) patch as efficient as i can!



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