exhanging original MBP for new unibody model

May 4, 2009 at 10:49pm

exhanging original MBP for new unibody model

since my MBP had three repairs in the last 3 months and now has a fourth issue, apple offered me a replacement. the problem is that the only thing they can offer me is the new unibody model and since it is a new model i’m afraid for issues they did not yet cover.
what ar you guys thoughts on this? is it safe to take the new model? are their issues?
when i play live i use live 7, max5, 2 usb controllers and saitek flight controllers (on a usb hub) and a firewire 400 audio interface at once. anyone having problems with setups like this?
and the fw 800 is fully backwards comatible right?

May 4, 2009 at 11:26pm

The video upgrade you’ll get if you take the new one is *tech* (coworker got one, I app’d up one of my jitter patches and nearly cried when I saw it eat my framerate for lunch… stuff that ran @ 2-5 fps on my white macbook ran full framerate without breaking a sweat with the video set to the performance chipset).

I’ve seen little in the way of problems with firewire 800->400 communications. All you’ll need is a cable like so:


The joysticks and USB devices should work, no problem. I’d recommend looking at your FW audio interface’s support page for possible issues with unibody macs or fw800.


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