fixing font kerning?

Oct 8, 2009 at 5:13am

fixing font kerning?

hey all.
this might be a bit of a weird thing to post about, but i’ve just noticed it, and it’s a little bit distracting, and cannot figure out why it’s happening.

thought somebody might know how to fix it.

i’m on mac os x leopard, system font anti aliasing is off.

in max/msp 5, i have native text rendering turned on, so there is no font anti aliasing in the program as well.

i’m trying to use monaco 9 in my patch.

in most of my programs, even basic ones like, textedit, my irc client, even max/msp 4, they all show monaco 9 like this:

in max/msp 5 specifically, and even another program i have, REAPER, the kerning on the exact same font is really odd. it squishes everything and makes somethings uncomfortable to read:

does anybody have any idea why this happens, and if it’s fixable?

many thanks!

Oct 11, 2009 at 8:46pm


i used to spend *a lot* of hours trying to figure out how you can have the best aliased small font in hello-kitty-max5.

I discovered there was none, except using “Pixel Arial 11″ free font and set it to a size of 8.

It’s not as cool as Monaco 9 but it’s the best i’ve used in max so far Wink

This is how it looks like: (left: pixel arial 11 in max, right: monaco 9 in a “normal app” =)



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