Fwd: Ambisonic externals for both PD and Max/MSP

Mar 23, 2006 at 4:10pm

Fwd: Ambisonic externals for both PD and Max/MSP

this surfaced on the pure-data list, but it might be interesting for
some maxlers too.
hans w. koch
im krahnenhof 11
d-50668 koeln

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>> Subject: Ambisonic externals for both PD and Max/MSP
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>> Hi,
>> As part of our continuing efforts to make Ambisonic technology
>> available to all, my colleague Matt Paradis has ported the
>> functionality of our first order VST Ambisonic plugins to both PD
>> and Max/MSP externals for both PC and Mac. The first release of
>> these can be download from http://music.york.ac.uk/mrc/download.php
>> Dave Malham
>> Experimental Officer
>> Music Research Centre
>> Department of Music
>> University of York
>> UK
> regards,
> Alexandre Matheson
> amatheso@alcor.concordia.ca
> iChat: ealx@mac.com

Mar 25, 2006 at 8:05am

Yes, it sounds great but :

- they named an external the same as one from the CICM and that’s not
handy at all (ambipan~)
- Help files are not help files, they give no help !

Besides this, a great job for sure.




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