Graphics card performance question

May 7, 2012 at 8:22pm

Graphics card performance question

I’ve seen a few gpu-related questions on the forums but I’m having a hard time relating them to my case.

I use max/jitter primarily for live VJing, and am currently in the market for a new computer. Right now my current laptop, which has an integrated nvidia geforce 8400m from quite a few years ago, is struggling to keep up with my patches’ progression, so I’m evaluating the level of graphics hardware required to go where I’d like.

My most recent performance patch so far contains one video, gl rendering and slab fx and texture based feedback and it ran at 40-45fps (30-35 if a time compressed video is used rather than m-jpeg).

My goal for the near future would be to utilize a similar patch with 2 video and one camera sources, far more fx, and higher res projectors, which will likely bump the acchievable framerate down quite a bit. I ultimately would like to get into doing patches with multiple feedback paths, 3d mapping, and multiple projector setups, which will make it struggle even moreso.

I am looking at gaming laptops containing both mid-range GeForce 540m and higher range GeForce 560m cards. I don’t currently have a problem putting forth the money required to get a system that will reach my future reqs, but I’m wondering if the extra performance boost of the high end card will even be necessary. Both of these cards far outclass my current one.

So, are there any max/jitter users that have similar goals as mine with GeForce 540m or similar cards that have found themselves pushing performance limits? Please let me know of your experiences so I can make an informed decision.


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