Hard to find documentation about file types

Jun 16, 2010 at 11:40am

Hard to find documentation about file types

This is something I come across regulary: The information about file types is hard or not to find with the obvious methods. The obvious method would be to search “file types” in the documentation. This will point to parts which are not very helpful, as all help files and reference pages are rudimentary about the types available.
Of course I do know already more than the documentation reveals. For example that there is a max-fileformats.txt file hidden somewhere in the cycling folder. And I know that there are also some tricks around, like having one type message allowing the access for all sound files etc…
There does not seem to be a page which simply explains ALL that in detail. (I tend to forget details if I don’t need a feature for a while)
The documentation for the objects which know the types message at least don’t tell anything about these details. Of course a simple link in any of those help files (dropfile, umenu, folder etc…) would be the most obvious and helpful way to do it…

Thanks for considering such an enhancement…



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