including audio in video crossfader

Dec 26, 2010 at 4:01pm

including audio in video crossfader

I’m trying to create a crossfader that is effected by colour tracking of a live video feed. Recently i stumbled across a problem. The audio does not gradually crossfade to match the video… Arghhh. Because i’ve been using jitter mainly i haven’t got much experience with combining audio elements with video.
Does anybody know what i’m talking about and know how i might be able to solve this. I am using windows and the 2 audio tracks that im talking about are contained with both videos being crossfaded.
Thanks :)

Dec 26, 2010 at 6:57pm

it’s not enough to use the sound straight from or similar. in order to do audio processing in sync with jitter(simple crossfade between movies included), you’ll need to use spigot~, see helpfile. also when you do this, be patient. spigot~ does not always work as you’d expect due to recent Quicktime changes(but you can often find the right setup to get it working… again, see helpfile for spigot~).
You could also try simply ramping volume down on while ramping volume up on the other(using jitter messages like “vol $1″), but this might not be as effective(if you’re outputting/triggering frames using a deferred queue(qmetro, etc.), the volume control might not be as smooth).

Hope it helps.

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