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September 3, 2013 | 3:14 pm


I’m experiencing what appears to be a memory leak in The attached illustrative test patch is a simple mod/combo of the and help files, with the resolution boosted to the 1920 x 1920 I’m running. Mac Activity Monitor shows decreasing free memory and increasing VM size before eventually stabalizing at less desirable stats.

This test patch doesn’t actually crash, but my actual patch (too complex to send) does sometimes when I have a lot more going on. (Per another thread, I’ve tried modifying (max.jvm.option -Xms256m and max.jvm.option -Xmx1024m), which has resulted in fewer crashes and longer runs before crashes.) Some of the potentially relevant other differences between the attached simple test patch and my actual (crashing) patch are 1) separate standalones for the send and receive sides of things on one machine via localhost, 2) bitmap images rather than generated noise, 3) net.tcp.send/recv are simultaneously using Java to communicate control data between standalones but on a different port than

System: Mac 2.66Ghz quad core, 8GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, 64-bit mode

BTW, I’ll eventually need to port this to Windows as well.

Any insights appreciated. Thanks!


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