jit.qt.videoout – Anomaly? Expected behavior?

Dec 14, 2010 at 11:59pm

jit.qt.videoout – Anomaly? Expected behavior?

I’ve been experimenting with jit.qt.videoout to send my Jitter output out the Firewire port to my DV camera to be recorded.

I’ve tried Apple Firewire NTSC and Apple Firewire DVCPRO NTSC. I’ve tried every quality level.

The results are as I expect, *except* there are regularly spaced thin vertical striations.

Am I describing some known anomaly with using jit.qt.videoout? If so, is there a known way to fix the problem?

If I’m not describing a known problem, then I’ll post stills/clips illustrating the problem.

Thanks for any help.



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