Jitter objects not working

Jul 13, 2010 at 7:15am

Jitter objects not working

I have started learning Max MSP/Jitter but when I try to use Jitter objects (on my own or through tutorial patches), Max says the object (such as jit.pwindow) failed to register / no such object / could not allocate object.
Max and MSP objects are working fine. Is there a way to fix the problem with Jitter?

I have installed Quicktime and am using the demo on Windows XP.

Thanks in advance

Dec 24, 2010 at 7:00pm

I have the same problem, only with jit.pwindow in tutorial and downloaded patches. I downloaded some patches that included it and the jit.pwindow was greyed out, max window complained as follows.

2010-12-24 18:11:22.801 MaxMSP[1284:207] Error loading /private/var/folders/Pf/Pfyk-dUqEASexTJ3oX4Tvk+++TI/TemporaryItems/MaxMSP-mxt/jit.pwindow.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.pwindow: dlopen(/private/var/folders/Pf/Pfyk-dUqEASexTJ3oX4Tvk+++TI/TemporaryItems/Max
MSP-mxt/jit.pwindow.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.pwindow, 262): Symbol not found: _jit_gl_swap_buffers
Referenced from: /private/var/folders/Pf/Pfyk-dUqEASexTJ3oX4Tvk+++TI/TemporaryItems/MaxMSP-mxt/jit.pwindow.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.pwindow
Expected in: /Applications/Max5/MaxMSP.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/JitterAPI.framework/Versions/A/JitterAPI

But when I tried to instantiate a new jit.pwindow in an empty patch it seemed to work fine, and then the patches where it previously wouldn’t instantiate were fine also. Odd.


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