[Job Offer] Max Msp Jitter developer in Paris

Aug 10, 2012 at 11:16pm

[Job Offer] Max Msp Jitter developer in Paris

Pucemuse (based next to Paris, in Rungis) is looking for a skilled Max Msp Jitter developer to join its team.
The developer will maintain and improve an audio graphical multi player platform : “la Méta-Mallette”. He will also develop new instruments for this platform, according to the creations taking place at PuceMuse.
He will also work on a web application allowing user to exchange and/or sell their Méta-Mallette projects

A good understanding of web application architectures as well as a good Max level is required.
Some particular knowledge in web development will be appreciated (such as PHP, Mysql and Zend Framework).

If you are interested, contact : administration@pucemuse.com


Information about the Méta-Mallette are available here :


Aug 10, 2012 at 11:34pm


The language selector on the linked page doesn’t work, at least not on Safari 5 & Snow Leopard. Is this rather a bug of the website or rather an indirect indication that some particular knowledge of the French language would also be appreciated? ;-)



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