js vs max qt.movie playback differences…

Sep 10, 2007 at 9:45pm

js vs max qt.movie playback differences…

Here is a simple patch, simple js, and some movies that demonstrate some differences in playback when using jit.qt.movie in a javascrip t. Basically, I’m doing the most basic implementation of qt.movie in a javacript and comparing it to using the max object of jit.qt.movie. Using an old G4 machine, I notice a substantial difference in quality of output between the js and max playback. Using the js playback, it seems that everytime it loops, playback degrades, then it clears up after about 4 loops or so. Using the max object delivers more consistent playback performance.
This performance difference is not very apparent on my macbookpro.
I’d like to know, ultimately, what the difference is between these 2 methods? They seem equivalent, but for some reason, the js version is getting bogged down…




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