Lemur v1.0 on ebay(bidding starts at $500)

Jul 14, 2010 at 10:20pm

Lemur v1.0 on ebay(bidding starts at $500)

Bidding starts at $500:


Why so affordable? I have a bunch of other gear I might try to sell soon, selling this sooner and easier is better for me. I thought about the maximum loss i could take, and the fact that people would like a discount considering the ipad came out, and the fact that this is a v1.0 lemur, then simply priced it as fair as i could personally get. I see people even on ebay selling lemurs for almost $2000. I don’t mind. My loss is your gain.
Ebay seemed like it’d be a good democratic way.
Most of all, this thing is just sitting around, I really want to find it a good home.


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