mac 10.5.6 and freeverb~ crash?

Dec 18, 2008 at 11:01pm

mac 10.5.6 and freeverb~ crash?

anybody else experience this? as soon as i updated the system *(combo
update..) i get msp crashing consisently as soon as i turn on the dac.

Thread 15 Crashed:
0 com.cycling74.freeverb~ 0x19b1cad8 comb_processL
(_freeverb*, int, float) + 34
1 com.cycling74.freeverb~ 0x19b1dddc freeverb_perf8(int*) + 928
2 com.cycling74.MaxAudioAPI 0x175a5af5 dspchain_tick + 93
3 com.cycling74.MaxAudioAPI 0x175a43f9 ad_process + 457
4 com.cycling74.ad_coreaudio 0x190e915d
coreaudio_onedevice_ioproc + 254
5 0x93ac415b HP_IOProc::Call
(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioBufferList
const*, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioBufferList*) + 319
6 0x93ac3e4c IOA_Device::CallIOProcs
(AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&, AudioTimeStamp const&)
+ 274
7 0x93ac3d28 HP_IOThread::PerformIO
(AudioTimeStamp const&) + 1246
8 0x93ac2103 HP_IOThread::WorkLoop()
+ 1239
9 0x93ac1c27 HP_IOThread::ThreadEntry
(HP_IOThread*) + 17
10 0x93ab2464 CAPThread::Entry
(CAPThread*) + 96
11 libSystem.B.dylib 0x92a29095 _pthread_start + 321
12 libSystem.B.dylib 0x92a28f52 thread_start + 34

Jonathan Segel

Dec 24, 2008 at 7:28pm

nobody else is experiencing this? it’s driven me to a standstill. masp crashes as soon as the dac is on.
any other reverb objects i should try?

Dec 24, 2008 at 9:50pm

replying to myself..
tried nw.gverb~ which does work, but i don’t like the sound of it.
the akustische-kunst’s other reverb – gigaverb~ – won’t instantiate, says it is out of memory.
in other worlds, Reaktor 5 won’t launch either. same crash, audiotimestamp…

Jan 23, 2009 at 8:10am

freeverb~ is working again on my Macbook Intel OS 10.5.6. I was also seeing a crash on comb_processL.

here’s how’s my case ended up:

The patcher which was loading freeverb~ had ended up with DSP Driver = NONE, probably after a device was disconnected. Resaving the patcher with a known driver (built-in) and re-opening, loads freeverb~ (with memory) which then runs normally.

The problem seems to lie in freeverb_new() calling sys_getsr(), and not handling the sample rate = 0 case.



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