MAX and Jitter

Jul 28, 2006 at 11:45am

MAX and Jitter

Hi guys,,,
I would like to record a piano with a microphone and then through
jitter and max pass it to a projector, which will project some photos.The projector is being triggered by the main chords that are being played by the piano player…So I quess i need the spectrogram of the piano sound and then a fft patch to get the correct note which will trigget somehow the projector….
Can anyone give some help on how I can get the spectrogramm patch ?

Jul 28, 2006 at 1:06pm

Not sure how well it will work on chords, but you may find it easier to use Miller Puckette’s fiddle~ external which turns a mic input into midi notes and velocity.
Hope this helps

Oct 1, 2006 at 7:45pm

Hey i worked for some time on frequencie-recognition–video stuff.
Of course i also just copied this and that. So if you wish i could send you my patches with mail if you give me youre e.mail.adress.

mine is:


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