midi-cc sender freezes midi-notes when automated in arranger view

Apr 19, 2012 at 10:01pm

midi-cc sender freezes midi-notes when automated in arranger view

i have 2 questions:

i made a little tool to send CC-messages to hardware-synths or rewire programs like Reason; simply a knob for the value and menu for the channel to a ctlout.

works like a charm when playing live, but from the moment that i automate the value-knobs in arranger mode, the midi-notes that are sent to the hardware-synths get stuck and need to catch up during playback.
the only work-around is creating a midi-channel&clip, copying the automation of the mfl-knobs to the automation of the new midi-clip, and disabling the MFL-plugin alltogether.

not only does the MFL-plugin slows down midi-note playback of the hardware it controls, but also other hardware-synths that are not controlled by that plugin.

i tested with other midi-interfaces/settings, but it only occurs when using that MFL-plugin during playback of automation.

strangly enough, when i automate the MFL-plugin with an envelope in a midi-clip, it doesn’t occur.
and this brings me to my second question:

i can’t see the parameters of my MFL-plugin in the available parameters in the envelope automation of a clip. i found a workaround by mapping the desired control to a macro of a midi effect rack, which is visible in the clip-envelope.
is there an option that i forgot in max’ inspector?

Apr 20, 2012 at 1:11am

1) In the knob inspector, set ‘Update Limit’ to some higher value, eg. 30 ms.

2) In the knob inspector, enable ‘Modulation Mode’.


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