Midiin object misbehaving or me being dumb?

Apr 11, 2007 at 10:04am

Midiin object misbehaving or me being dumb?

Hi guys,

I’m just messing around making a polyphonic softsynth but am experience difficulty getting MIDI in through the midiin object.

To simply demonstrate the problem:

Midiin -> midiparse -> unpack 00 -> number boxes

I am not getting note on/off and velocity values being given out.

Using the notein object I have no issue, the info is there… and I have tried setting the various ports connected using midiinfo.

Is there something fundamental that I am missing here or is midiin or my system misbehaving?

Powermac G5 – Mac OSX 10.4.8
Max/MSP 4.6.2
Yamaha O1X as MIDI interface
Yamaha PSR-220 MIDI keyboard

I have attached a file of source code.



Apr 11, 2007 at 10:17am

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