Mod Squad Redux crash on PPC

Jun 29, 2006 at 4:30pm

Mod Squad Redux crash on PPC

This crashes Max 4.6b11 every single time.

- Open Modsquadredux.pat from the examples

- Let it play for a few seconds

- Now close the window/patch

Max will freeze and eventually crash.

This is on osx 10.4.6 with a dual G5 1.8 (1256mb ram)

Here’s the crashlog


Date/Time: 2006-06-29 18:23:43.842 +0200
OS Version: 10.4.6 (Build 8I127)
Report Version: 4

Command: MaxMSP
Path: /Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/
Parent: WindowServer [68]

Version: ??? (4.6b11)

PID: 307
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0×0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0×0001) at 0xbf7fffe0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 0x904b1a6c _CGSScrollWindowRegionInline + 36
1 0x904cad80 CGSWindowScrollRegion + 496
2 0x9177da7c MyCGSWindowScrollRegionWrapper + 100
3 0x9177d82c ScrollRect + 580
4 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x00079db8 post_scrollrect(_post*, short, short, short) + 288 (post.c:723)
5 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x00079e7c post_doscroll(_post*, short, short, short, short) + 168 (post.c:332)
6 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x0007b0fc post_qfn(_post*) + 292 (post.c:955)
7 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x0007eaf8 sched_dequeue + 208 (sched.c:351)
8 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000646e4 patcher_closebang + 216 (patcherutils.c:326)
9 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x0004ea5c patcher_invis + 52 (patcher.c:3013)
10 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0×00053014 patcher_free + 232 (patcher.c:3798)
11 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000959d4 freeobject + 492 (utilities.c:431)
12 com.cycling74.MaxAPI 0x019d5db8 freeobject + 60 (icplusplus.c:28)
13 MaxPPC3.1 0×05811214 freeobject + 24
14 poly~ 0x06bfdde0 poly_freepatcher + 56
15 poly~ 0x06bfdd40 poly_freepatchers + 68
16 poly~ 0x06bfdf34 poly_free + 60
17 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000959d4 freeobject + 492 (utilities.c:431)
18 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0×00053104 patcher_free + 472 (patcher.c:3817)
19 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000959d4 freeobject + 492 (utilities.c:431)
20 com.cycling74.MaxAPI 0x019d5db8 freeobject + 60 (icplusplus.c:28)
21 MaxPPC3.1 0×05811214 freeobject + 24
22 poly~ 0x06bfdde0 poly_freepatcher + 56
23 poly~ 0x06bfdd40 poly_freepatchers + 68
24 poly~ 0x06bfdf34 poly_free + 60
25 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000959d4 freeobject + 492 (utilities.c:431)
26 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0×00053104 patcher_free + 472 (patcher.c:3817)
27 com.cycling74.MaxMSP46 0x000959d4 freeobject + 492 (utilities.c:431)
28 com.cycling74.MaxAPI 0x019d5db8 freeobject + 60 (icplusplus.c:28)
29 MaxPPC3.1 0×05811214 freeobject + 24
30 poly~ 0x06bfdde0 poly_freepatcher + 56
31 poly~ 0x06bfdd40 poly_freepatchers + 68
32 poly~ 0x06bfdf34 poly_free + 60

Jun 29, 2006 at 5:15pm

Hi Bjorn,
Thanks for the report. However, I am unable to reproduce this crash with the information you have provided. I recommend doing a clean install of the beta by first deleting the MaxMSP 4.6 folder and the Max 4 Preferences folder, and then running the installer again. If the crash persists after reinstalling and restarting your machine, try to provide us with more detailed steps to reproduce. Be sure to also include vital info such as whether or not you’ve installed the CFM Support libraries.

Andrew B.

Jun 29, 2006 at 5:27pm

Hi Andrew,

There are no more steps to it. Thats all i needed to do to make it crash. I’ll do a sweep and reinstall. But i’m not up to speed on those CFM libraries.
Are those essantial things that need to be installed?

I have not installed 3rd party objects for this version. Though 4.5.7 with all it’s contents is still sitting in my app folder.
Does 4.5.7 and all the stuff i installed for it, need to be deleted or moved in order for me to run this beta?

The 3rd party objects that need to be updated for UB, are those obsolete as of 4.6 for the PPC too? (for example the RTC-lib)



Jun 29, 2006 at 5:41pm

if you are on PCC, and want to use older externals (CFM – compiled by
metroworks typically), you need to install the CFM Support libraries
which will let Max load those older externals.

try it with no 3rd party externals loaded at all – and then install
the CFM support (its in the Max/MSP contents folder ) and try it. It
might be a 3rd party external?

v a d e //

Jun 29, 2006 at 5:59pm

Just uninstalled the previous versions of max and reinstalled the beta.
Now i cant reproduce the crash.

Could you define older externals? older as in “non-intel” or are you talking about an os 9 thing?

Does this UB switch mean that almost all of the externals that can be found on the web, are now totally unusable with max?
In other words, i shouldn’t even bother trying out the new version of max with anything other then factory content?



Jun 29, 2006 at 6:14pm

Hi Bjorn,

If you have installed the CFM libraries (that nag screen that pops up
when you open the beta), you should be able to use any older externals
provided you are working on a PPC system. CFM objects will not work on
Intel macs.

Andrew B.


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