Need Help with jit.conway

Nov 18, 2010 at 2:39am

Need Help with jit.conway

ok y’all …
i created this patch (attached) with a 20×20 cell matrix. using the drunk object to create a “random” drawing with “random” sound that will reset itself when it hits certain coordinates.

my question is …
how can i create a similar looking matrix (same size and same “drunk” rgb and same sound range) only with a more consistent procedural drawing based on cellular automation (im guessing using jit.conway)

please look at this link:
i basically want my final presentation of this patch to look like this, but with the same size matrix and same “drunk” rgb, so i can juxtapose the two together. also, i would like the sound to be more patterned and procedural in this cellular automata patch than the random (brownian motion) patch.

any help i could use would be greatly appreciated

thanks y’all


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