new bpatcher warning

Jul 20, 2008 at 5:53pm

new bpatcher warning

hello all,

maybe this has already been discussed… but i couldn’t find anything
in the archives… anyway, so, with the latest max5 update, i get a
warning in my actual patcher window that says: “bpatcher: args will be
updated when patcher is reloaded” when i create bpatchers using
scripting (via javascript). it actually doesn’t happen all the time,
but i can’t seem to find a pattern to it yet… am i getting this
because i’m doing something wrong, or is this just a friendly warning.
if it’s a friendly warning, is there anyway to defer this to the max
window instead, or remove it all together… it’s a bit annoying to
have it pop up in my patcher window…



Oct 4, 2011 at 6:10pm

I also get the “bpatcher: args will be updated when patcher is reloaded” message whenever I change the args of a bpatcher using javascript. Is there a cleaner way to change the arguments of a bpatchers using javascript that does not create this warning?
I use:
this.patcher.parentpatcher.message(“script”, “sendbox”, varname, “args”, args);



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