New York City : Informal Patching Circle

Oct 17, 2006 at 12:28am

New York City : Informal Patching Circle

Hello fellow Maxers. If you are in or around NYC, and have been
wondering where the NYC Max group has gone, nows the chance to meet
some fellow Max/MSP/Jitter users and informally ask questions, do
work, and help others.

I have no idea how many people will attend, but I could be
interesting. Probably once a month -ish.


Patching Circle @ Polytech University – Integrated Digital Media

An informal gathering of patching and patchers (Max/MSP/Jitter, Pure
Data and.. even Processing if you want..)

Beginners and Experienced welcome. Work on school projects, personal
projects, ask for help, help others, or just patch quietly to
yourself, in a room full of other people patching patches and helping
other people patch. Or not.

Depending on the turnout, we will see how soon we will organize the
next. I think every week is too much, maybe once a month, we shall see?

Tuesday Oct 24th 6:30 (ish)

Polytechnic University
Brooklyn Campus
6 Metro Tech Center
Rogers Hall room 207



Hope some of you can make it.

v a d e //


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