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ofxILDA, do we have something like that for Max?

November 22, 2013 | 2:34 am

I’m currently toying with lasers, inspired by Edwin van der Heijde and Robert Henke’s laser works. I’ve got a pretty good grip on oscillator based controls, similar to what they ‘re doing. Now what I’d like to achieve next is vector based drawing similar to the beamer projections I use in my Integration projects. Basically turning Jitter 3D geometries into ILDA laser control signals.

I came across Memo Atken’s ofxILDA that does exactly that, for OpenFrameworks:

Do we have something like that for Max?
I’m afraid not so, or I should have found it.
Now this would be a good trigger for me to delve into ofx and Max external coding. Won’t happen for my next deadline though. Doing the visuals at a big techno party next week…
In the unlikely case that I missed a Max counterpart, please do say so!

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