[ot] MS in Music Technology at Georgia Tech

Sep 20, 2007 at 1:59am

[ot] MS in Music Technology at Georgia Tech

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The Music Department at Georgia Tech in Atlanta is accepting
applications for its Master of Science degree in Music Technology,
which provides students with the practical skills and theoretical
understanding needed to be leaders in the design, development, and
creative implementation of music technology products and services.
The program currently offers a concentration in Computer Music
Research and Engineering, focusing on the design and development of
enabling technologies in areas including networked applications,
mobile devices, music information retrieval, musical robotics, and
interactive performance. This two-year, full-time interdisciplinary
degree program is conducted in close collaboration with other leading
programs at Georgia Tech, including Human Computer Interaction,
Electrical Engineering, Industrial Design, Digital Media, and
Mechanical Engineering.

Generous research assistantships and tuition waivers are available to
select students.

Applications for January 2008 enrollment are due by November 1, 2007.
Applications for August 2008 enrollment are due February 15, 2008.
Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in Music, Computing,
Engineering, or a related discipline, with a background both in
performance, composition, and/or theory, and in programming and/or

For more information about the program, the Music Technology Group,
and the application process, please visit:



PARAG CHORDIA: music information retrieval (MIR), music cognition,
computational music theory, algorithmic and interactive composition,
machine hearing.
FRANK CLARK: media and music, network music.
JASON FREEMAN: algorithmic composition, network music, audience-
participative musical environments.
CHRIS MOORE: recording, production, conducting.
GIL WEINBERG : new instruments for musical expression, musical
networks, machine and robotic musicianship, sonification, music


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