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Launch Ableton scene from Javascript

Can anyone please advise what call I can make in javascript to launch a scene in Ableton Live. The path using the API i believe is e.g “live_set scenes 0″ and then the function to call is “fire” but I am not sure how to put this in javascript syntax and it would be very [...]

A couple general questions about performance

Ahoy all. Pretty new to max, and my first sizable patch is getting pretty choppy. It starts off great, but as I use it it gets laggy fast. The macbook pro I’m using is almost brand new, and activity monitor doesn’t show much of a strain at all on the CPU or memory. I just [...]

Stuck mira frame

I posted a couple weeks ago about Mira crashing whenever fpic tried to load an image over about 100 kb. I didn’t get any response to that, but am working around it for now. I just had another problem happen several times and wonder if anyone has experienced this:
At times, a mira frame will stay [...]

the glorious/dreaded "lock to control surface" function

I was wondering everyones thoughts on using max msp or m4l to create a function where you could midi map the “lock to control surface” to a device instead of right clicking and selecting it.
This would be very useful for APC40 users who don’t neccesarily appreciate the way that Ableton behaves when a user selects [...]

Using Patcher as a help patch without the name patcher etc

I’m looking to use the patcher object to create a help patch without the name ‘patcher’. I did this a couple of years ago and I have forgotten how to since :( Any ideas on how to access the help patch but under a different name such as ‘help’ instead of ‘patcher’?
Thanks, Steve

RGB to Parameter plugin missed, HELP!

Hi everyone!
Does anybody uses RGB to Parameter 0.9 beta tool? I cannot find download link to it, found only this link ( but the file is only 100kb and I cannot load it.
Can anyone share it?
Thanks a lot

Calculating forces to make phys bodies follow a Jit.path

Hi, as the title suggests I am trying to make phys.bodies loosely follow a path by calculating forces on them in relation to a path. I think what I am trying to do is similar to Day 6 of the physics patch-a-day.
In this patch I can see that a position and a path matrix [...]

MAX/MSP rewire with Logic Pro X

I am trying to record some MIDI in Logic using MAX/MSP to create it. I have no problem connecting Logic and Max, the signal comes into Logic and I can see it through different instruments. But when I am trying to record it, I can’t and I don’t know why.
I did everything i should [...]

Description doesn't seem to get copied

Trying to redesign some stuff and building it with Max 6. I noted that if I option-copy an object, the description from the original object doesn’t get copied. Is this a known issue?

how to [gate] a matrix?

i´d like to replace some of my older jitter “gates” abstractions with my regular messages gates abstractions, which means i am packing the incoming matrix with e.g. [prepend video] and then use different objects such as [gate] or [route] to switch output or to switch between different inputs to the abstraction, as opposed to utilizing [...]

parsing JSON problem

Hi all,
I have a problem, the Object dict can’t read this json
it says “cannot read dictionary: 0″
Other question, how to read an object using dict? the object is weather:
Thanks for the help!
“coord” : {
“lon” : 5.12,
“lat” : 52.09
“sys” : {
“message” : 0.0043,
“country” : “NL”,
“sunrise” : 1397450606,
“sunset” : 1397500556
“weather” : [ {
"id" : 521,
"main" [...]

'Spectral Blurring' – Live?

I recently came across ‘Play Blur’ by Jean-francois Charles.
Since the way it works is to record audio into a buffer and then manipulate it that way, I want to use it in a realtime setting. How would I do this? I’m a Max/MSP newbie. :)

Jitter – Keep movies playing when not viewed

I created patch where I can use a MIDI keyboard to cut between twelve different videos; however, every time I hit a note, each video starts back at the beginning instead of where I left off. Does anyone know if there’s a way I can keep all 12 videos playing in the background when they’re [...]

continuous slider from random start points – Leap motion

I’m using the Leap Motion to control some sliders. When I put my hand over the sensor it jumps to that value, say I’m halfway up it starts at 50 and at the highest point is 127. When I remove my hand it stays where it is left off, which good, but when I put [...]

Multiple send~ delay?

Lovely mates of the nerdland,
When there are multiple send~ receive~ pairs in a dsp chain, introduced delay is multiplied by the number of pairs?
I could test this, but rather choose to enjoy a quicker answer!
Best of the best,

Fps from a jit.matrix

How can I get the fps from a jit.matrix without using the jit.fpsgui?


Right to left order

What is used to decide the right-to-left order? The destination module’s left position? Or the position of the cable inlet?

patch help

I am currently working on a patch. It uses a synthesiser to create a colour effect on a panel inside the patch. currently however each note reacts to each of the rgb colour panels. i want to make this random so if i press a note on the synthesiser one colour will react instead of [...]

How to get the folder name of a folder ?

How to get the “sub”folder name of a folder ?
Object folder get the file name of a folder but I need to get the “sub”folder.
Best regards

Create an "unpickable" phys.body?

Dear Everyone,
As a newbie to Jitter, I have been strugling around for weeks to find a solution to my problem.
I want to create a world with balls rebounding on the walls.
I tried to make a phys.body on a wall to create this “rebound” effect, and a ball. Whenever the camera is behind a this wall, [...]

Sync metro to Live

I thought i had figured this out, but apparenty my metro is not synced at all. I currently use it with these arguments: metro 16n @active 1
But that doesnt seem to guarantee it will run exactly in sync (even when i reset Live’s transport to the beginning and start it from there).
How do i set [...]

tempo change on patches with synced (function~) envelopes?

Hi guys – I am working on a drumsynth with synced envelopes, and still new to all of this. The attached patch is an M4l patch (requires graintretch to work).
I want to morph the presets, and im trying to work out how to implement tempo changes. i want a tempo change to effect all saved [...]

Syncing phasor~, 2d.wave~, function ALL to Ableton

Does anybody have a better method to setting the domain of a function object to the length in milliseconds it takes for a phasor to go from 0. to 1. ? I’ve been using the timer object but have found for some reason it produces terribly out of synch results.
What I’m trying to do is [...]