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what's the x,y position param for jit.gen?

I have param scale,
param scaling 0. 0.
but not x/y position param for jit.gen

How to delete "text " that is prepended to output of textedit object?

I believe what I want to do is quite simple:
Use the output of a textedit object, but delete the “text” and the space (” “) that seem to be prepended in front of whatever you type into the textedit object.
However I don’t seem to be able to figure out what objects or settings to use [...]

Is there any way to record/export video on Windows?

I am making video with jit.noise and other effect objects and I want to export it. But, to my surprise, I’ve realized that jit.qt.record doesn’t work. The Max window tells that it isn’t supported on x64. I imagine it isn’t supported on any windows. So how can I record/export that video?

there must be a simpler way than this haha

I just want to be able to drop any number of audio files in a coll and randomly flick through them, i will then use this to populate a buffer.
the patch works sometimes but the clear message keeps failing to work and its driving me insane. you’ll see the coll length goes to the random [...]

M4L – Saving edited device on one track resets the same device on another track

Hello. I’m recently returning to using Max/MSP (using Max For Live) after putting it away for a few years. One thing that is exciting to me is being able to run the same device in multiple tracks at the same time.
One thing I’m noticing though is that if I have the same device in [...]

Anyone here work as an Interaction Designer?

If so does your Max/MSP experience at all contribute to that role? I’m under the impression that “interaction designer” can be a vague title entirely depending on the company. However I’m curious about whether I should steer myself in that direction.

Saxelectro M4Live Devices : Sax Many Knob (free)

The Sax Many Knob M4L device is a knob parameter multiplier from 1 knob controller to 6 same knobs in order to multiply the same controller to 6 or more different devices to control within or out of Live. There is also the possibility to customise the range of control parameters using the ”custom” button.


1080p alpha channel video playback – dramatic frame rate drop

Hello Cycling74 forumites,
I’m running 32-bit Jitter on Windows 7 (as 64-bit doesn’t do video stuff so well yet). It’s a Core I7-920 with a GTX 780.
My project involves having a static “starfield” background (1920 x 1080), and multiple copies of a small .png with alpha channel changing size at various places around the scene. (stars [...]

how to change ui map for

Hello Forum
i have problems to save a simple change to the ui map. I wanted to change only one letter of the default map cause i am using a different keyboard layout (e instead of z) i have looked into the example folder and tried to incorporate the into my patch. but it doesnt [...]

TouchOSC triggering samples with beatmachine template

Hello fellow max/msp’ers
I am currently working on a project that reads accelerometer data off of two ipods, to manipulate sound samples in a 2d.wave~ buffer. I want to be able to change the chosen sample by pressing a control on page 1 of the beatmachine layout, I have downloaded the template patch for its [...]

Polyphonic midi sampler

Hi, I’m pretty new to MaxMSP so forgive me for my lack of knowledge…
But basically, I’m wanting to map half of a keyboard to a set of pre-recorded loops that can be synced up with each other; i.e. press one key and a drum beat starts, the press another and a guitar loop will play [...]

Max workshop a ROMA Installazioni interattive e multimediali

Workshop su Installazioni interattive e multimediali
Il corso affronta due ambiti progettuali: il design di spazi espositivi multimediali (exhibition design, storytelling) e la messa in scena di nuove forme di spettacolarità (performance interattive). L’introduzione al software Max/MSP/Jitter consentirà di programmare e gestire facilmente diversi tipi di sensori, luci, audio e video: progettare installazioni [...]

Can I pass an array of structs from object to object?

Can I pass an array of structs from object to object? Say I want to pass an array of t_custom which has four integers in the structure. Do I have to extract each integer from the structure and pass it as an array of A_LONGs? Or is there a way to pass the array of [...]

Live.dial reacts oddly to Push's encoders

When using Push’s encoders to control Max for Live, i’ve noticed the way they control live.dial isn’t the same as the way Live’s own dials respond.
Live.dial seems to move further when you turn Push’s encoders slowly, and changes less if you move the encoders fast. This means that returning an encoder to the position you [...]

selecting colour to track – output list with jit.spill

Hi there,
I want to select a colour to track through a camera, and output the result of the selected colour as a list into a multislider to control a filter etc…
Have been trying to use jit.spill, but not sure if this is the best way.
Not sure of which plane I should select as I’m not [...]

A T-Shirt to the Antipodes

I have a C74 t-shirt that I love very much; so much so, it is beginning to fall apart. I tried to replace my loved t-shirt with a new one from Amazon, but they seem unable to deliver C74 merch to Australia.
Are there any merch purchasing alternatives to the Amazon store?

is it possible to place objects over jit.pwindow??

Hi everyone, I’m working on a patch incorporating an Xbox Kinect and I need a little help. I’ve user Jitter to create a GUI displaying a skeleton made up of the limb-tracking data received from the Kinect. I’ve created a few different control methods from the data, for example part of the patch measures the [...]

Bad poke/index problem introduced in Max 6.1.6?

Hi all,
I just upgraded from Max 6.1.4 to 6.1.6, and discovered that my looper patches do not work alright anymore. In fact, when using poke and index simultaneously on the same buffer, poke doesn’t seem to write all samples.
Please have a look at the patcher below. The left channel plays back the input, the right [...]

to sell: eowave eobody oem board v2, enttec dmx usb pro and more

hey guys,
I’m selling my Eowave eobody OEM board v2, my Enttec DMX USB PRO and my Livid Instruments Block – Midi-Controller on ebay. Interesting stuff when working with Max oder Max for Live for live performance and installation.

Is it possible to get the file path of the current live set?

I am trying to save the contents of some ~buffer objects to disk along with the live set they are recorded in. To do this, I need:
- to get the relative folder path of the live set or project in order to get the “Samples” folder.
- to save and recall the path of the saved [...]

Use Max to spin 4 videos over 4 macs over a network

I’m pretty new to using MAX for video. For a piece of artwork I will have 4 projectors connected to 4 macs, all connected by a LAN cable to a router.
I want to be able to use an Xbox Kinect to ‘spin’ the videos around the room. (around the 4 projectors horizontally)..
Does anybody know [...]