PolyGrid VST not working – any other piano rolls?

Aug 4, 2010 at 2:35pm

PolyGrid VST not working – any other piano rolls?


PolyGrid (http://azertopia.free.fr/PolyGrid.html) looks like a useful midi editor with piano roll and pattern sequencer to run as a VST within Max but it isn’t working in vst~. The only window displayed is about 2 pixels wide and menu bar deep and I can’t click in it or move it. The max window gives me the message “PolyGrid has 1 parameter”. No response to “pgmnames” or “params” message. Any ideas?

I really would like a decent piano roll to work with and incorporate into my own GUIs. I am trying to build my own with Max but making a decent piano roll patch is such a pain. I’m using seq~ to store the data and lcd to display it but it feels clunky and is taking ages especially translating mouse movement into graphics and it’s not fun… Does anyone have a piano roll with polyphony and arbitrary quantizing and note size?

Fingers crossed,


Aug 5, 2010 at 5:36am

Hello dondelion,

you can find a piano roll i did with openGL on share pages. That’s for Macintosh and you need max5 and Jitter.

It’s a little bit complex as it’s not just a piano roll, but you can hack it as you want … if you need advice do not hesitate ;-)

Don’t forget the new M4L step sequencer UI provided since max 5.1.x


PS : it should be possible to adapt it for Windows ;


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