Problem with JazzMutant's Granular Synth patch under Max5

Jan 19, 2011 at 4:44pm

Problem with JazzMutant's Granular Synth patch under Max5

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble using JazzMutant’s Granular synthesis example patch under max5, can’t find out the problem. No audio would come out, ever. I would assume from the messy objets layout in the windows, that the patch was originally made on max4, but i might be wrong.
[Max window would only display as an error, that tapin~ objects don't understand the message 'stop' — but that object was only part of a panning sub-patcher, which i bypassed to work out the problem, but it still won't work.]

so I have no idea where the pb comes from. has anyone seen or heard about this ? lemur users?
thanks in advace.


Jan 21, 2011 at 10:14pm

it works ok for me and i haven't changed a single thing: “Examples_V2.03MaxGranularGranular_Lemur_Main_Patch.mxb”, GranularSynthesis.jzml template (2006-07-05), max/msp 5.1.7, os x 10.5.8, lemur os 2.0.3b6. i just load some samples and drag my finger around the center rectangle and i hear the granular audio. fun!

so it seems more likely the problem is a communication issue between max and your lemur. check your osc target settings. quit max, verify the jazz editor detects your lemur, load the template, make a [jazzserver] object with argument of the port number you are using, attach a [print] and check the max window while you press buttons (see pic). if all that works, try reverting to the granular patch before you edited it.


  1. granularsynthesisjzml.png

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