Jun 18, 2009 at 6:09am


I am investigating py/pytex. It took hours to get even as far as i got but now i am stalled. What you download is an py.mxo. Then you need to grab an init file and stick that your init folder. Then you nab the test patch called thread-1 (there isn’t a single tar ball you can grab?).

Y also need to be running python 2.6 or no go… so i got 2.6.2 installed.

Now I click the patch which appears to be for a totally different object, but it maybe isn’t? It wants a python module named threads… is unhappy you don’t have numpy (which is odd cause i actually have numpy so i am confused on that point, but maybe we can ignore that?) …

but the patch doesn’t work cause it expects an object called pyext so your boxes are all greyed out…. but google around and there is nothing called pyext nor have a found ex1…

I am guessing that this is abandonware for max/msp or there is more top secret stuff you need to know to make this work on Max… I am guessing that is also only works for 4.6.x? Are there some better docs and examples for the this?

Anyone have this running? I am on intel 10.5… still running 4.6.x but soon, hopefully diving into max5.

I don’t know or use subversion or flext …. i kinda just want a python interpreter running inside Max if at all possible. That would be super dreamy since it would allow me to leverage a lot of existing code and also do things in a small scripts that python is good at (like tuning math, etc.)



Jun 19, 2009 at 8:45am

I’ve successfully used the api of Nick Rothwell. It’s Jython (python in Java) with Max5 on Osx.5. I guess it works oon Max 4.x


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