Range Finder EZ0 Arduino and Max

Dec 9, 2009 at 7:13pm

Range Finder EZ0 Arduino and Max

Hi People…
I’m new into Arduino and MaxMSP/Jitter and I need a bit of help!
I’m doing an installation were I need to use the values from, a MAxsonar EZ0 untrasonic range finder, which is connected to an Arduino, to MAx Msp so that I can trigger audio and video in response to the distance of the subject from the EZ0.
It looks complicate…. but I think is not like that!
Basically I need to use those values in MAXMSP…. I managed to connect the Arduino to Max but I can’t figure out how to let Max read them!
There is anyone that knows?

here is my email

Tks in advance for any future advises!


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