record without recompression on pc

Apr 30, 2006 at 6:04pm

record without recompression on pc

hello all,

i am trying to grab and record to disk in dv pal through the
jit.qt.grab object on a pc. i have installed winvdig 1.05,
jitter1.5.2, max 4.5.7, the machine runs windows xp service pack 2.
as video device i use a sony trv 900 or sometimes a dac-1 converter,
both with the results below.

i cant record to disk using the jit.qt grab object. as a workaround i
could do it using the jit.qt.record object, but i want to avoid the
recompression. when i set jit.qt.grab to vmode 2, the video input
stops, i.e. the framerate goes up and it outputs no video any more.
the same happens when i send it a write message, no matter which
vmode it is currently in. the result of each recording attempt (after
having sent write/stop messages) is always an empty qt-video file on
the disk.

as far as i understood, i need to use the vmode 2 to record without
recompression, right?

to me it looks like a hardware or driver problem, does anyone have an

thx for your help,

_____ dominik busch
_____ http://www.v–

Apr 30, 2006 at 9:44pm

use jit.qt.grab for mac
use jit.dx.grab for pc
i havnt tried it with dv but check it out


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