sfplay bug or expected behaviour ?

Sep 11, 2007 at 11:19am

sfplay bug or expected behaviour ?

Hi all,

I just discovered that sfplay doesn’t really take care of the complete file path given to it.
Trying to read different files with the same name but in different folders makes no difference for sfplay, it takes the first it finds.

Please have a look at the example attached (put the folder at the root of your harddrive).

Though sfplay~’s help file mentions “open takes an argument to specify a filename in the search path”, the expected behaviour would be that if the complete file path is provided, it should look here first, isn’t it ?

Never mind, I’m now aware of it, you too if it wasn’t already the case.


Mac OS 10.4.10
Tested on Max 4.5.7 & 4.6.3


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