Sharing is fun – large project now open source

Mar 3, 2010 at 8:55pm

Sharing is fun – large project now open source

Hi all,

Due to work/life commitments I have decided to release my Yamaha XS Sysex Editor as open source in the hope that others may carry on where I left off.

It’s a comprehensive and functional application which implements a huge number of sysex functions for the XS. You may find some of it useful for other projects – there are key/velocity range controls in here as well as a javascript engine for decoding sysex dumps etc.

Screenshots of the presentation GUI can be found on

I’m planning to add to it in due course but given I can’t commit to anything concrete it’s all GPL and open source now.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful in there :)

Source is here: – it’s a zipped Max/MSP project folder

Some context is here:



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