Stereophonic crosstalk cancellation

Nov 19, 2011 at 11:48pm

Stereophonic crosstalk cancellation

Let’s do some cross-talk cancellation, with help from

1/ Unzip the attached file. They are Max 4.6 patches (i need Pluggo). You should be able to open them with Max 5 or 6. Add .pat if your system needs it.

2/ Open patcher ‘crosscancel’. Open subpatcher ‘download’. Download the six wav files from Put them in a folder anywhere in your Max search path.

3/ Point ubumenu to this folder (Get Info, Prefix, Folder…)

4/ Select a wav file with ubumenu. Enjoy your new stereo.

This works great to enhance a small ‘PC’ speaker system, maybe a nearfield monitors pair. See Ambiofiles.htm in the download subpatch for a technical discussion (this is the page which links to the wav files).


load_fir loads a 4×4 convolution filter : first half of the wav file in the LEFT stereo buffer, second half in the RIGHT stereo buffer. It also sets the buffers’ size and sample rate. set_sr then sets the DSP’s sr (must match file’s sr).

The processing is done by two stereo convolvers (sconv~). overlap-add is (surprisingly) the overlap-add engine, convsub~ the unit convolver, C*~ the complex multiplication.

Let me know if it worked.

Thanks to for the files. Please, keep in mind that there may be IP on the files.


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