Still problem with VST/REAKTOR

Dec 7, 2010 at 11:27am

Still problem with VST/REAKTOR


some time ago I posted a bug concerning the use of reaktor inside vst – which instantly crashes max. Ben from C74 said ” I can reproduce and we will be taking a look at the issue “
since then there was 2 versions of Max, and the same bug is still there (and in the latest version there was supposed to be a “bug fix” concerning the vst~ object.

please please C74, the max/Reaktor couple should work!!!!

below is part of my previous explaining the steps to reproduce to make max crash:

>1_make a vst~ object
>2_load Reaktor inside (might be any of the different “flavors” – fx, 2×8 etc)
>3_inside reaktor load any instrument/effect/whatever you want
>4_make some set-up to this effect – whatever, like all sliders-knob
>on full or something
>5_with the “write” message to [vst~] save this as a preset, kind of
>”myfx.fxp” (I do it with a precise searchpath, but it should not
>change anything)
>ok, this is where things differ from the previous version of reaktor
>6_make a new vst~ object, with reaktor in, or just re-load reaktor in
>the previous one (the point is that at this point reaktor did not
>loaded one of its instrument/effect – reaktor is just en empty shell
>7_with “read” call your “myfx.fxp” – instant crash
>___with the previous version of reaktor it was loading the right
>instrument with the right preset
>_I found a (really inelegant) workaround
>a) load vst~ with reaktor
>b) send “open” message
>c) when the (empty shell) GUI of reaktor is open, send the “read
>myfx.fxp” message
>d) close
>the point is that when an fx/instrument is loaded you can call a
>totally different instrument/fx with read, no problem. And also when
>the GUI is open it works. Otherwise it crashes, which it did not do
>in the previous version
>calling presets into an empty and closed reaktor works with tim
>Place’s [audiounit~]

Dec 7, 2010 at 5:02pm

Hey Kasper,

Sorry about dropping the ball here, we’re gonna look at this right now.



Dec 7, 2010 at 6:22pm

great news this will be looked at. just thought i’d mention though that if you are on mac, reaktor 5.5.1 audio unit is working excellently inside of tim place’s new beta 3 [audiounit~] external from ‘the edge’ section.

Dec 8, 2010 at 10:40am

yes, i know it works with audiounit~ (and said this in my post) but as great a new this is, a quick comparison shows audiounits “eat” a lot more CPU – don’t know if this is because of the object or audiounits internal structure.

anyhow, it is a great addition, yes!

Dec 19, 2010 at 3:40pm


I just dowload the latest Max version (5.1.7) to check if the problem
was resolved. Unfortunately not. Worse, now when recalling a preset
with read xxx.fxp, that empties the Reaktor’s shell. And the GUI open or not does not change anything.




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