Switching slab shaders with no pause

Jun 18, 2006 at 1:18am

Switching slab shaders with no pause

Hi, first post here… New to max in general.

I have not found a live visual program that really suits me well, and I do not want to bend them to my will through large amounts of midi programming, so I thought of trying to build one with jitter. I have had enough experience with programming and graphics in C++ so I feel I have picked up max quickly enough.

Anyway, currently I have made a little system using poly~ so as of now I have 16 clips and my video channels and use any they want. I am now trying to implement shaders. I want to combine the video channels together with a slab. However, I want this slab to have say 16 shaders preloaded which I could switch between with a tap of a button. What is the best way to implement this? I guess I cannot do it with one slab object. I was thinking I could have a poly~ system which would mean 16 slabs. Or I could make my own fake slab object with 16 shaders, if that would mean immediate changes. However, can I do this and keep everything 3d accelerated


Jun 18, 2006 at 1:27am

You should have 16 slab objects if you’re going to use 16 shaders.
shaders have to be compiled on the graphics card and this takes quite
a bit of time. If you’re always loading new shaders, you will notice
slowdown in your video. I would just use a poly~ or JS to switch
between shaders.


Jun 18, 2006 at 1:50am

Thanks for the help. I will try it out.


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