Sysex to AkaiS2000

Jun 9, 2012 at 12:56pm

Sysex to AkaiS2000


I am trying to breathe new life into my favorite Akai S2000 sampler/synth by making a max patch to control it, including SysEx data. I have been successful in getting the S2000 to respond to SysEx via [sxformat] or even just a message box with $i1′s.

BUT, here’s my actual problem… the parameter that I’m controlling changes up/down according to how I change the number I’m sending via Max, but it seems like it’s only reading the 2nd hex digit. It goes from 0 – 15, then back to 0-15 all the way up, then on the way down it’s 15-0, 15-0, etc…

I tried sending the numbers in different formats, 0-127 regular integers, and all different ways to format hex values (ex: F7, 41, 3B), 0x3F, D2h, 0xF0h… and all the ways I send it (except with the trailing ‘h’), gives me the same result.

I’m thinking this might be an issue with the Akai hardware, BUT I figured I’d see if there’s anything you might know that I don’t.



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