Trace and deferlow

Oct 8, 2006 at 10:58am

Trace and deferlow


Maybe a very basic question: is it correct that the Trace function is no longer functional when there is a deferlow in the chain?

When I try to trace the patch below, after reaching the deferlow inlet I’d expect the trace to go to the second chain from [t b b] before returning to the deferlow outlet..

#P button 129 127 15 0;
#P button 146 127 15 0;
#P button 129 36 15 0;
#P window setfont “Sans Serif” 9.;
#P window linecount 1;
#P newex 146 94 43 9109513 deferlow;
#P newex 129 63 27 9109513 t b b;
#P connect 0 0 4 0;
#P connect 1 0 3 0;
#P connect 2 0 0 0;
#P connect 0 1 1 0;
#P window clipboard copycount 5;


Oct 8, 2006 at 12:30pm

Oct 8, 2006 at 1:07pm

Btw I am on Win XP, Max 4.5.7

What happens here is that after the deferlow, trace highlights the cables of chain 1 (the chain connected to the deferlow), where i’d expect it to go to chain 2 first. Striking is that it doesn’t print the accompanying messages until chain 1 is terminated at the print. At that moment it prints all pending trace messages at once, then prints ‘Finished trace’, then starts working normally on chain 2.

I don’t think this is really a bug. I looks like printing of the trace texts is in the same queue as max events and gets deferred too? Something like that? I can’t really get my head around it yet..



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