users own permanent global functions?

Dec 20, 2009 at 9:35am

users own permanent global functions?

hi, lets say i have the following 3 functions:

//get size of object, width*height
//pass maxobject.rect to argument
function getsizeo(array) {
return x*y;

//get x dimension of object
//pass maxobject.rect to argument
function getxdimo(array) {
return array[2];

//get y dimension of object
//pass maxobject.rect to argument
function getydimo(array) {
return array[3];

which would return various parameters from the max object rect function. say i then quit max, then start again on the next day, but this time from new. is it possible for me to make these previously defined functions available to a completely new js script with out having to implement them again? such as every time i want to use them from now to eternity i can just write yval=getydimo(namedobject.rect) without needing the implementation somewhere in my new max patch? hope this makes sense, maybe universal is the word i want

Dec 20, 2009 at 2:07pm

You can either add a javascript file containing your extra functions in the jsextensions folder or have a look at this code which automatically includes other js files into the current one. The advantage with the latter is that if you’re developing/testing the code you don’t need to keep restarting max for it to find the changes, as is the case with the jsextensions method.



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