[wacom] + 10.5.4-5

Oct 31, 2008 at 6:52pm

[wacom] + 10.5.4-5

When 10.5.4 came out I thought I read someone report some Wacom driver problems on some other forum (not with Max, some other issue) and so at the time I didn’t bother upgrading to avoid any trouble and didn’t have the time to downgrade if I had a problem.

In late Nov/early Dec I’ll have a chance to spend some downtime on system upgrades, backup sorting, etc.. Since I couldn’t find anything on this forum dealing with wacom problems since 10.5.4, so I wanted to ask those using wacom+Max on .4 or .5 if you had any new bugs show up that you didn’t have in 10.5.3? or status quo?


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