want to make a single audiofile from 3 (from my Hard Disk)

Sep 24, 2009 at 3:35pm

want to make a single audiofile from 3 (from my Hard Disk)

I think we can call that : RESAMPLING…
Which objects should i use ?

(I Know how to record from a MIC, I know how to read and play files and playlist.)

Sep 24, 2009 at 4:04pm

Would resampling (in the context of your question) not be the same process as bouncing a mix in a DAW? – creating one audio file from many………………

Sep 24, 2009 at 4:20pm

Good question…. euhhh a DAW, what is that ?…Anyway, bouncing seems to be a good word to signify what i want to do.
In fact, the original audiofiles are mono. And i want to put it 3 by 3 on 8 channels files ( if it is not possible, i will have to synchronise these 8 channels together…) OK maybe i make it complicate for nothing for now… but if i know ( and learn) how to resample, it will be a goo beginning.
Hope to ear from you soon Smile

Sep 24, 2009 at 5:55pm

Do you just want to mix three mono files together into a single mono file? Simply connecting three [sfplay~] objects to the input of a [sfrecord~] object will do that. (You might want to add a [*~ 0.33] inbetween, so the volume doesn’t increase by three and possibly clip.)

But I don’t quite understand what you mean with putting it “3 by 3 on 8 channels files”. You want one 8 channels file? Or several? And what exactly do you want on each channel of each file?

P.S. “Resampling” can mean all sorts of things. Technically, when you attach a single [sfplay~] to a single [sfrecord~] you are already “resampling” (even though that’s probably not the most useful application of it…).

Sep 25, 2009 at 2:00am

Hello Szrp,
I am happy that you are interested about my work.
I will try to explain you what i want to do.
Even if it is complicate (even in french and even face to face), I will try to do it in english and by email.

For practical reason, i will not explain you my entire project ( master degrees), but only the part where i am trying to construct right now.

There it is :
-In real time
-3 audio MONO files have to be join on a 8 channels file.
-At each new Mono file, a new 8 channels file (of 3 MONO files) have to be created.
-The MONO audio files are NOT lenght equals.
-The MONO audio files are NOT necessary on the same channel.

So to realize that i have imagined 3 resamplers (each resampler record 8 channels…24 channels at all)

Why ? Because the new 8channels file can be request at any moment and because to be able to give the 3 “LAST” MONO files played.

In fact, at initial state : ( imagine 3 8channels resamplers :’A', ‘B’ and ‘C’)
-When the resampler ‘A’ start to record the first MONO file,
the resampler ‘b’ and ‘C’ wait.
-Then when the resampler ‘A’ finish with the first MONO file, ‘A’ begin the second MONO file. These second MONO file is the first MONO file for the resampler ‘B’starting. Then the same continue….the third MONO file for ‘A’ is the second MONO file for ‘B’ and the first MONO file for ‘C’.
- When ‘A’ finish his third MONO file, you have a complete 8 channels file.
- ‘B’ and ‘C’ continue to record and ‘A’ begin with a new first MONO file to record.
- ‘B’ will be the next to complete a new 8channels file…
- ‘C’ will be the “next next”.

For sure on 8 channels it seems to be to much channels for only 3 INDEPENDENT MONO file,( ho yes, some channels will be complete silence during the 3 MONO files) but after : the audio modulation will be easier…
May be it seems bizarre…but i construct this project since the begin of june 2009. I talk a lot about this at University. For now, i follow the plan.

Also with this, i send you ( in french and iamge) what i planed (before knowing MAX) on .jpg. All the left part until the turquoise big rectangle and pink one is done. THE resampler is essentially in the big ORANGE rectangle with inside 4 different possible situations ( depend of the users).

Hope to ear from you soon.


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