What about quicktime & sound?

Oct 26, 2008 at 10:59am

What about quicktime & sound?


What is the way to record sound+video out of jitter?

If I want to process the blading.mov inside jitter and then write it out with the sound, I have to

.extract the sound with spigot~
.”repack” the movie+MSP in [jit.vcr]

Is this the way?

[Record] doesn’t thrupass out the sound from [jit.qt.movie] isn’t it?

One thing else:
can someone confirm that [jit.qt.videoout] sends the sound out.

Quicktime base, spigot~, these changed many times before.
What about now?

Please help.
Thank you.

Max 4.6.3 jitter 1.6.3


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